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mats Wheel Barrow


mats wheel barrow is designed to distribute the weight of its load between the wheel and the operator so enabling the convenient carriage of heavier and bulkiest loads.  mats wheel barrow allows to pull heavy load with greater ease and structure of the frame allows more space and weight. mats wheel barrow is a multipurpose utility vehicle to carry construction materials, factory raw materials, finished goods, plantation materials, crops, home gardening etc. mats wheel barrow is easy to assemble, durable and of low maintenance.


Brand name      :  mats
Model no           : Wb6507
Tray material    : metal
Tray type           : galvanized tray
Wheel type       : pneumatic wheel

Single Wheel wheel barrow Wb6507

Tray thickness                :      0.7 mm
Tray size                          :      L: 830mm, W: 680mm, H: 245mm
Diameter of wheel         :      380 mm
Width of the wheel         :      90mm
Weight of the product    :     11.7 Kg
Load capacity                 :     150 Kg
Water capacity                :      65L
Sand capacity                 :      5 CBF