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mats Fasteners

mats fasteners is a range of quality products manufactured under stringent international standards.   mats hardware device that mechanically joins or affixes two or more objects together and in tact. mats Rivets, Drywall screw and Self tapping screws – detailed hereunder.

mats Rivets

Sizes Available

1/8 x ½”
1/8 x ¾”
5/32 x ½”

Steel alloy blend    250 no’s /pack
Rivets open end    

mats Dry Wall Screws

Sizes Available

3.5 x 19mm
3.5 x 25mm
3.5 x 32mm
3.5 x 40mm
3.5 x 50mm
Black phospated,+ Head ,Harden fine thread/Coarse thread    500 no’s/pack

matsSelf Tapping Screws.
Sizes Available

5.5 x 45mm
5.5 x 55mm
Hexagon head,Twin lead thread    1000 no’s/pack